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Test Equipment

NEA’s inspection and test facilities are well equipped to support our customer base and include:

  • 4 Thermal Vacuum Chambers
  • Random Vibration Shaker Table and Slip Plate
  • Pneumatic Shock Table
  • Shock Response Spectrum Plate
  • 4 Test Equity 123C Thermal Chambers
  • 2 Thermotron SE300 Temperature Humidity Chambers
  • Thermotron ATS320 Thermal Shock Chamber
  • Thermotron SE600 Temperature Humidity Chamber
  • Russell Cryo Chamber
  • ESD Simulator
  • X-ray Inspection Facility
  • Browne & Sharpe CMM
  • Cross Section Laboratory
  • Durometer (Shore A) & Hardness (Rockwell)
  • Fatigue Tester
  • Scanning Electron Microscope – 500,000x (SEM)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscope (EDS)
  • Simulated Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM)
  • Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS)
NEA Thermal Chambers
NEA Vibration Test Facility
Optical Inspection Station
NEA / EBA&D Scanning Electron Microscope
NEA Inspection area and Coordinate Measuring Machine
NEA Thermal Chambers
NEA Test Technicians Prepare Hardware for Thermal Testing
NEA Cross Section Laboratory
NEA Temperature Humidity Chamber
NEA / EBA&D Particle Size Analyzer and Brunauer–Emmett–Teller Surface Area Analyzer
NEA / EBA&D DSC/TGA (Differential Scanning Calorimeter/Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer) and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Red Spectrometer)
One of NEA's 4 Thermal Vacuum Chambers