9 January 2013

1/8/2013 - MOORPARK, CA - On December 21, 2012, NEA® Electronics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBA&D) closed on its acquisition of Rocketstar Robotics, Inc. The terms of the transaction were not released.  Rocketstar Robotics, Inc. provides motors, gearboxes, and actuator mechanisms for spacecraft applications such as driving solar arrays or positioning communication antennae.  

In 2011, NEA and Rocketstar entered into a teaming agreement to cooperatively develop and provide spacecraft customers a broad range of actuator and mechanism used for satellite and spacecraft deployment, positioning and robotics actuation. In addition to supporting LEO and GEO spacecraft programs, the newly formed Rocketstar Robotics and NEA team will focus on developing enabling mechanism technologies to support extreme environment space missions.

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