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Battery Cell Bypass Switches

NEA Electronics is a global supplier of Battery Cell Bypass Switches for mission critical spaceflight applications. Our family of devices, based on our superior Non-Pyrotechnic HDRM technology can can protect remote battery components with current ratings up to 400 amps.


Connectors & Disconnects

NEA’s ZSF and IFD connectors are reliable in-flight electrical disconnects for satellite and spacecraft separation, missile staging, and umbilical separation. Connector pairs are designed to provide precision zero, positive or negative separation force, eliminating the need for lanyard pull actuation.

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Custom Mechanisms and Actuators

NEA's can provide Custom Mechanisms and Actuators that incorporate or are derived from our existing product line or developed by our engineering team specific to your application.


Deployment Actuators

NEA can provide Deployment Actuators for use in deployment applications or any application that requires efficient generation of mechanical power. NEA Deployment Actuators consist of an efficient brushless DC motor often coupled to a high torque planetary gearbox.


Gimbals & Pointing Mechanisms

Introducing a modern range of actuators specifically designed for precision spacecraft pointing applications. NEA's engineering team has assembled the technical requirements of prime contractors around the world and built a family of actuators that meets and in many cases far exceeds their combined requirements.


Hold Down & Release Mechanisms

NEA Electronics is the worldwide industry leader in non-explosive Hold Down and Release Mechanisms for mission critical spaceflight applications. Our family of devices can release preloads from zero to nearly a half million Newtons (100,000 lbf).


Pin Pullers

NEA Electronics Pin Pullers use our patented non-pyrotechnic release device technology for simplicity, performance and high reliability.


Solar Array Drive Actuators

NEA has the capability to provide a range of Solar Array Drive Actuators for a broad range of applications.


Valve, Non-Pyrotechnic

NEA’s highly reliable Hold Down & Release Mechanisms technology has been adapted for use in Non-Pyrotechnic Valves. The electrically redundant valves offer low shock and positive isolation with both liquid and gas lines. They are available in both normally closed and normally open configurations.